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7 Ways To Use Social Media for Your Business Marketing

Nowadays, even small enterprises can win more customers with the use of social media like Facebook, twitter etc. Following are some ways to use social media for Internet marketing.

1. Blog

A blog provides a lot of benefits in internet marketing. Blogs are very interesting and effective tool in internet marketing. Blogs are the hub of social media content. There are a number of social media sites which customers use to write their blogs. Blogs posts are mainly focused on frequently asked questions and topics of customer’s interest. You need to encourage your colleagues and friends to promote the blogs through social media sites.

2. Newsletters & Email Marketing

Newsletters and emails are very effective tool of internet marketing and can be used directly to connect with the customers offering content and tips. Nowadays, a lot of information can be collected daily from the email alerts like Gold Prices, share tips, currency prices after subscribing on various sites and is very useful for the customers who want to buy/sell any of the products. Content can be published on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and personal blog sites and readers can be invited for sign up for the newsletter so that they can know about more business.

3. Media Coverage & Contributed Articles

Local media can be used to create awareness and to generate new opportunities for business. For the help, prepare list of business publications, editors and writers. Check with websites about the contribution and blog posts. Content on your own site will give you the opportunity for the new audience.

4. Resource Center

Small Business is beating the larger competitors if the building authority is better for customers by providing useful content. There are a lot of articles, podcasts and videos which provide very useful information influencing the purchase of these services. It can be very useful for your business related to topics and content.

5. Social Networks & Media

In this method, customer’s expectation is to get a toll free phone number, blog and web site. They start expecting their businesses to be social. It means having the presence in the social media networks that is very relevant for customers. Spending a small segment of time consistently for the interaction and building relationship can lead to developing a community. The most important is to get the right platform. It can be Facebook page, twitter or LinkedIn group.

6. Local and Mobile Content

The use of websites in social media is definitely a very good idea and content can be viewed properly in personal computers. But you need to be sure that your website should also be viewed on mobile phones properly. Your websites should be mobile friendly if you want to see the hits from mobile phones. Websites can be viewed same as it can be on a computer on various smart phones like Android and iPhone.

7. Video promoting Internet marketing

Video is most effective tool of internet marketing on social media sites. Video uploaded on YouTube can be very helpful for business. In video, customers can clearly see the products. Videos are very useful in providing demonstration for products and to show the personality of working staff within business units. Blogs posted on various websites can be integrated with videos to extend the content value.


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  1. Thank you Sunil,
    That was mighty kind of you and I’m sure it’s going to be very helpful.
    Thanks for Sharing…

  2. Thanx man for this worthy article!
    The thing where i was lacking is social marketing and after reading your post now i know what i have to do :-)

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