5 Kinds of Siding to Consider For Your Home

If you have ever admired the pristine look of someone’s home, it is likely their siding wasn’t cracking and peeling. Your home’s siding is critical to its insulation, water resistance and curb appeal. Does your home need a siding face lift? While replacing the siding on your home may be a costly endeavor, it is unlikely that you will need to do it again during your residency in the home. Included here are a few kinds of siding to consider for your home.


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Fiber Cement Siding

At the top of the game in durability, fiber cement siding stands. Fiber cement siding is a product constructed with cement, sand and cellulose fiber. Cement siding looks like wood siding but is extremely durable and will only need to be painted every 15-20 years. Fiber cement siding is also incredibly insulating and is flame and fire resistant!

Vinyl Siding

Known as one of the most popular varieties of siding, vinyl siding is more affordable but still durable and aesthetically pleasing. Producing vinyl siding typically costs less than other production methods and it is considered “green” due to its energy-efficiency. Vinyl siding does not need to be painted which saves toxins from the air and water as well. You will also not have to worry about replacing your siding again anytime soon, as it should last for 20 years or more.

Steel Siding

Surprisingly, steel siding is one of the most durable items on the market, it does not dent easily! Steel does not rust and is not susceptible to rot, chips or flaking of the exterior. You do not have to worry about any damage caused by hail, water or fire either, steel is incredibly resilient. Fortunately, steel siding has also become more appealing in recent years with low-gloss textured appeals giving the impression of wooden siding.

Wooden Siding

An old standby and classic, wooden siding has been used for decades. Wooden siding is universally appealing due to its rich texture and color. Unfortunately, you must be aware that wooden siding requires a great deal of periodic maintenance and is susceptible to rodent and insect attacks. Many people enjoy the look of Western Red Cedar as well as Redwood for shingles and clapboard.

Brick Siding

Brick houses have been a romantic home option for years. Many people enjoy the warmth of brick coloring as well as the texture it imparts. Colonial, Tudor and English Cottage style homes usually sport brick veneers. Because the brick, even with mortar, is still water penetrable, it is often necessary to have a waterproof membrane between the brick veneer and the home. Brick is one of the more expensive options for siding.


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