5 Drink Choices for Weddings

A lot of attention is going to be paid to the food and drink at a wedding, so it”s important that you get those details right. And by drinks, this means all types of them, not just the ones associated with the toast or formal elements specifically.

So, to help you decide what types of drinks you”d either like to have for your own wedding, or ones that you could suggest to friends of family for theirs, consider the five following drink suggestions, including the right champagne, the right beer options, non-alcoholic drinks for adults and kids alike, homemade drinks, and the possibility of even having coffee taste testers on hand.


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Pick the Right Champagne

Probably one of the most focused-on drinks at a wedding is going to be the toasting champagne, so it”s good to start there with a choice that matches the personality of the wedding. There are plenty of lists of classic champagne options, but one that will work across the board with different types of people is often a classic Andre champagne that will suit the palette and the occasion nicely.

Decide Which Beer Works at the Reception

Depending on where you are regionally, beer choice is going to be very different for the reception. Your best bet is to see what is popular locally, and have that on hand as the main option. Beyond that, there are always the nationwide classics that are consistently advertised, and often the bigger brands will be less expensive in keg form, depending on the number of people that will be there and drinking.

Non-alcoholic Drinks

There are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for weddings as well, for both the non-drinking adults and the kids that may be there. It”s possible to get creative with these drinks if you plan on keeping with the theme of the wedding, so it is something worth putting  a bit of thought into. There are ways to present the drinks in colorful ways as well to match the decor of the wedding, so that”s another outlet for expression.

Homemade Drinks for a Classy Feel

There are some great ways to infuse fruit into water to have really classy, elegant looking drinks available as well. You can purchase an large infuser, and after that, it”s simply a matter of deciding what infused tastes you want available.

Coffee Taste Testers

A final option for drinks at a wedding is coffee. Most people will just have the token black caf and decaf there, but why not spring for a few different kinds of more exotic coffee and offer some of them as a treat to your guests? People will appreciate the taste and the energy that way!


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