5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Date Night

Are you looking to impress your date on the first night? Wanting to spice up your marriage? If so, you may need to plan a spectacularly perfect date night. A well-planned night can be the difference between rekindling the romance and killing it. Included here are a few tips to help start the fire or keep it alive on your next night together.

Perfect Venue

This is one of the most critical aspects of your date night. If you are choosing a restaurant, do yourself a favor and make sure it’s open for the night in question. Ensure the menu choices appeal to both your partner and yourself and make sure the tone fits with the rest of the evening; if you are going bowling afterwards don’t take your date to a black tie affair beforehand. If this is a special occasion, like an anniversary, going to a fancy dinner is a great idea.


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Be Prepared

There are few things that can kill a mood like showing up to a concert only to discover it is sold out; buy your tickets in advance. If you are planning on having a romantic picnic in the park, prepare in advance. Have all food items ready in the trunk of your car, pack coolers and plenty of beverages. Have blankets just in case your date gets chilled as well as citronella candles for the buggier evenings.

Try Something New

Often, the most memorable experiences you will have with your loved one are the ones that are unexpected. It is a well-known fact that trying new things keeps a relationship fresh and interesting for years to come. Bonding experiences can occur when you each teach the other something, but often, the most fun times will be when you both dive headfirst into something unfamiliar and new.

Inform Your Date

While it can be wonderful to have an element of surprise in your evening, don’t overdo it. A romantic night horseback riding will be ruined if your date shows up in a designer dress and heels. Let your date know whether they will be outside or not and what activities they might be partaking in. Sometimes it can be simplest to just give them a dress code of black tie or jeans and sweatshirt casual.

Be Flexible

Few things in life ever go according to plan. Understandably, if you put a lot of effort into your evening, you may get a little upset when things go awry. However, it is critical for your image on this date that you keep your cool. How you react when things go badly tells your date how well you can handle the normal, chaotic stresses of life. Things never go completely according to plan and being able to roll with the punches shows tact and spontaneity on your part.


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